Od and Ed (Library Artifact Edition)

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Od and Ed (Library Artifact Edition)

Originally only available as a Surprise Perk in the Indiegogo Campaign, this Library Artifact Edition is a LIMITED special edition of the book.

Each book will contain a 1980s-style library book pocket with due date card on the inside. It will be stamped for each time it was checked out by somebody (maybe by characters from the book), and the last spot will be stamped, but unsigned so that you can put your name in as the last person who checked out the book.

Each Library Artifact Edition will come with a mylar sleeve on the dust jacket that will not only make it look and feel like a library book, but will also help protect it from that New York Seltzer, Clearly Canadian, or Shasta Cola you might spill on it during your adventures.

In addtion to recreating the look and feel of a library book from the 1980s each hardback will also contain bits of ephemera from the time the book takes place, just like you might find leafing through a previously checked out book.

What does that mean? You ask that a lot of questions, hold your horses, I was just getting to that...

Each copy will be a totally unique experience. Maybe a news clipping or advertisement will be stuck in the pages, or a vintage photo or a trading card of some type. Each book will have several of these types of things hidden away in its pages. Have fun flipping through the book and finding the hidden artifacts inside…or discover them as you are reading. There may even be a little story to find for those who are familiar with the novel and a little extra perceptive.

This is something that I thought would be fun and could help to immerse you in the world of OD AND ED as well as transport you back in time to the late 80s. In-world artifacts from fiction is something that I personally geek out on.

This is a signed first edition of the novel, with an illustrated case laminate cover, and dust jacket.

"At times creepy, funny, and frightening, and told deftly from a child's perspective, Od and Ed is a haunting and heartfelt suburban dark fantasy about a sister and brother that brings the 1980's to life in ways that feel both new and familiar."

*Library Artifact Editions will be shipped Priority Mail through the USPS with tracking.